Shab - 2006 - True Silent Dying
Nocturnal Griefs In The Heart of Avinar

see thy gray moon supreme ruler
is dying in the sky
tharsh it your faith under your feet
let's go funeral
summon the winds of our griefs
from the darkest forest
tear it for dying ritual
ritual of our moon
hear it symphonies of darkness
compassion for your rot
deepest shadows of this darkness
are darkening our souls
painful griefs of this black rotting
are punishmenting we
longest path of this ritual
full of nocturnal griefs

Black Mass Of The Dried Branches

in a coldest night
beyond the darkness
as cold winds are caressing our symbols
our goddess is tearing in our forest of doom
moonlight was dead many years ago
and the stars are marching to this mass
here is darken place
this is knack of sunlight
the sun can't shine for this place
this place was glade
full of longer trees
full of moonlight and sunlight
full of laugh
without any tear
but now here is curse
here is darkness
full of tears
full of cries
and full of blackness hearts
this is obscurantism
this is true
cause this is taken from ancient saids
I rise in this black mass
and I walk into the darkness forest
and I tearing
but my sound is feeble
dried branches of our immortal black trees
and the voices of darkness are playing melodious black metal for me
but they never hear
they never hear my cry
I die
they never feel

Of Godless Faith

in the night of a coldest winter
ravens are tearing black
moon in the abyss of the sky
darkness embraced all stars of dark
symphonies of darkness are die
in this moonless night of cold
rising of darkness in the coldest lands of this forest
bloodred melodies of this black are playing in this lands
darkness is... rules on our screams, and is murderer of moon
shining of this throne is not true, here is cold, black and doom...
grimness dreams of the shrouding wisdoms are burning by the hands
... of darkness without any light in this woodlands of dark
dreaming beauty of our sleeping forever in our throne
and dying of the emperor by darkness hands of hate
the burial of our dreaming, our funeral at dusk
black mans with candles, no light, are come
fathers of graveyard are come by their hate
for burial of our sacred dying in the sky
ravens falling tears voices from graveyard
is reason of black fathers laughing of hate
their grimly faces, reverse me to the times
... of unholy nights that their was shrouding stars
that moon was tearful, dying of it’s sons
the sky blackness veil falling by ancient wrath
of frozen hearts
of godless faith
and rising their new darken sky without moon (the darkest ages arised)

Our Dying Moonlight

del shenid o lab sorood
lab sorood o shab shenoft
soute por ghoghaye soozesh
soozesh az omghe socoot
faaghed az aatash
bedoone zareie noor
aan socooti ke ze soutash arsh raa taab nabood
dar siaahihaaye aghle mordeye in shabzadeh
noore bi rahmat ze mahtaabaan peye aashegh nabood
gar che aghle khish raa dar raahe eshghash chaal kard
vali ey kaash ke eshghash dide bood
naeshe gheddise kherad raa dar zamin
vaay az daste dele paareh
deli ke aarezoohaa raa be shab ehdaa nemood
ta ke shab jaan bakhshad az roohe vasie khod bedan
bi khabar bood az dorangihaaye shab
mahtaab mord

In The Depths Of This Night Heart

in the depths of this night heart
you can see dark notes of the salvation
in the black dreams of the blind man
you can play black notes in thy garden
as night griefs are rulling
are rulling on night shades
tears of the shades for their darkening
this is night heart
this is mirror of they hearts
into the glades of my crimson night
can you see any green color?
can you see...?
so say to they: shut up, now
cause I haven't any color of this life
and I haven't green of my glades
through night, realy darkness
in my heart of my night
where is the moon?
where is shining?
heh, this is crimson desire
this is black doom of my night heart

Darkness II

sinan hanall trina negron
deraghi tansest sataniant
crislans tetfort bakhrit han'oud
tulhelm siclan tulhelme sistons

She Is There

on hatchings of moonless nights...
I wait in the cage of shadows
I know there is moonlight
I wait to hear her voice again
that hymns to the lights of moon
I know she is out of shadows
I can't see
I rend shadows
by sword with tears
but I am a shadow...
imprisoned in depths of myself
I know she is there

Awaiting In The Dream

in prosperous woods of dreams...
the wind whispers
the rain is washing...
hopelessness darks of dream
ravens entrust the trees to lovebirds
and everything gives me hope
I wait for her
with closed eyes of sleep
in apparently dream
I wait blind in depths
for romance of my dead brain's tomorrow
but she leaves me alone in dream

Pure Blackest Metal

dark shrouded gate
by the screaming wind
comes yond the black
goes to castles ruins
bloody lips of him
and bloody neck of mine
rising in the night
from elder ruins again
pure blackest metal
so worship of dark
so wish is fade
here is gray again
dark shrouded gate
bloody lips of him
pure blackest metal
for 24 years
bloody lips of him
tearful eyes of him
destroyer hands of him
to end his Bey.Ma live
just for 24 years
just for fall in dark
just for live in black
just for feel the truth
but lies in sins
but screams with gays
but white in the hearts
and black is just face
Bey.Ma is dying
Bey.Ma is dying
Bey.Ma is dying
Bey.Ma is dying
"arts are not black, now. remember middle ages, 85-97"

Ashen Funeral

in the name of darkness
the wind is screaming, yet
and trees are tearing
ravens are waiting for that horizon never seen
forest is cold and hearts are black
but the love is living in our eyes full of gloat and pine
love is the rag wisdom
love is wisdom allways, at least for us
we forget the light because something is there to live
something is there to fight, to death
silence in our tearing
blackness in our griefs
we forget the nazarene and mohammedan
we choosed our way, truth is there to live
silence in our tearing
blackness in our griefs
and gone is the god of their faith
I'll be forgotten, forgotten in the forest of old
that forgotten forest of dark
the anti-god has rules the world
but what about our faith?
darkness... nothing?
nothingness screams buried me, so deep
philosophies of darkness just rules in the dark
we need the dark
anti-god never makes for us
where is here?
where the god is nothing
where the flowers are gray
where the tears are cold, red
where is there?
where the god is nothing
where the flowers are black
where the tears are cold, black
this is the funeral, I feel
this is the ashen funeral, but where we go?
no where... nothing... darkness

Against The Life

the pride of mourning meager tree
can stands in the destoryer storms, so grim
but I can not to standing in life
the life reveals myself reflections
so I am a mortal, so life
everlasting murderer of brain
so be dead or like Dead!
so live by painful damnations of life
the living by pride is only for the meager trees
I call you be dead, you can be that meagre tree
standing in storms, who knows the secrets of nature
who knows the naturalism reflections of life
warriors i don't call you to war
I call you just to showing the power of our legion
marching in their skies
and looking to their hatred humanity
to their madding nazarene and mohammedan
even to their god
so be dead warrior like a meagre tree
for a mournful marching on their skies of sin
for looking to their nature or life
so we can living by pride in our mournful darkness
we can following the way against the storms of humanity
and we can march, side by side
against the life

True Silent Dying

the falling all of nature and grim burning skies of dark
and then rising of the darkness in my kingdom from the night
misanthropic holy sadness makes the unholy tears of dreams
makes the mountains as the stone and the forests as a tree
true ruinous stroms are come in the landscapes of the dark
painful dying of the owls I hear it out from the dark
the sky is burning gray and the stars are darken away
disintegrate moon on sky has the last shining but gray
the tired tearing voices, many cages lost the keys
prisoners in the prisons, and the prisons are their creeds
oh, the morbid castels and cathedrals are the elder ruins like selves
I feel here is so cold, colder than the colds of flames
wrathful storms desolates trees from the forests to the deeps
the deeper and the deeper than the deeps of abyssic griefs
the graveyard's stones of tombs are flying on the air
empty graves, even the coffins, is this pure? is this the end?
all the funerals are here, here is no tears from a heart
here is nature, here is forest, here is flames, and here is dark
true reasons of the living on this earth are where to find?
no one needs the world after death and the living in this side
who is god? who is satan? what is reason of the life?
where is hell? where is heaven? where is where the soul can fly?
who is Ihs? who is phrophet? who can change the brain of mine?
what is religion? what is life? what is promise? what is die?
in this coldest darkest corner of the true dark imperials
I'm sitting on my black robe and I'm tearing with the pride
ah, I see a funeral, the funeral of the brains
but no one feels this dying, true silent dying of my brain