Shab - 2004 - Abyssic Imperial
Cycle Of Time ... Darkness

from the shades of this life
to the immortal screams of mourning
and the journey into the skies of gray
far beyond our blackness sky
and the flight of wisdoms
to the highest skies of gray
where the winter and spring are all one
in this coldest corner of dark
and the shining of doom forever...

Our Dying Moonlight

del shenid o lab sorood
lab sorood o shab shenoft
soute por ghoghaye soozesh
soozesh az omghe socoot
faaghed az aatash
bedoone zareie noor
aan socooti ke ze soutash arsh raa taab nabood
dar siaahihaaye aghle mordeye in shabzadeh
noore bi rahmat ze mahtaabaan peye aashegh nabood
gar che aghle khish raa dar raahe eshghash chaal kard
vali ey kaash ke eshghash dide bood
naeshe gheddise kherad raa dar zamin
vaay az daste dele paareh
deli ke aarezoohaa raa be shab ehdaa nemood
ta ke shab jaan bakhshad az roohe vasie khod bedan
bi khabar bood az dorangihaaye shab
mahtaab mord

Of Godless Faith

in the night of a coldest winter
ravens are tearing black
moon in the abyss of the sky
darkness embraced all stars of dark
symphonies of darkness are die
in this moonless night of cold
rising of darkness in the coldest lands of this forest
bloodred melodies of this black are playing in this lands
darkness is... rules on our screams, and is murderer of moon
shining of this throne is not true, here is cold, black and doom...
grimness dreams of the shrouding wisdoms are burning by the hands
... of darkness without any light in this woodlands of dark
dreaming beauty of our sleeping forever in our throne
and dying of the emperor by darkness hands of hate
the burial of our dreaming, our funeral at dusk
black mans with candles, no light, are come
fathers of graveyard are come by their hate
for burial of our sacred dying in the sky
ravens falling tears voices from graveyard
is reason of black fathers laughing of hate
their grimly faces, reverse me to the times
... of unholy nights that their was shrouding stars
that moon was tearful, dying of it’s sons
the sky blackness veil falling by ancient wrath
of frozen hearts
of godless faith
and rising their new darken sky without moon (the darkest ages arised)